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Whitney H.

(R&B/Soul Artist, Song Writer)

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Whitney H., born as Whitney Hall, is an American singer and songwriter who possesses vocal abilities well beyond her years. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Whitney has been exposed to a universal palette of music from all genres. Some of her many influences include ‪Beyoncé‬, ‪Jazmine Sullivan‬, ‪Whitney Houston‬, and ‪India Arie‬. Raised in a musical family, Whitney began singing in front of applauding audiences at the early age of 7 and continues as an adult to captivate her audience during every performance. No stranger to the studio, Whitney has recorded tracking vocals for many up and coming local as well as national recording artists during her road to success. In 2019 Whitney caught the attention of Aboizway Productions LLC. Ricky “R-Dot” Sanders CEO after displaying her remarkable vocal talents during a studio session at Aboizway Studio. After a few months of creating timeless records Whitney became a new member of Aboizway Productions LLC. And Aboizway Music Group along with fellow label mate  Gabrielle Storm. Aboizway released “Be Good”, the first single off Whitney's upcoming EP titled “Imma Be Me”. Destined to make a mark in this progressive R&B/Pop arena, Whitney is focused on telling a story and paving the way for more to come.
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