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Gabrielle Storm

(Hip-Hop/R&B Artist & Song Writer)

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Gabrielle Kumamoto aka *Gabrielle Storm* an American Singer/Rapper from Monroe, NC. Gabrielle grew up in a musically grounded family who encouraged her to start singing at an early age. While engaging in the church choir, along with local talent shows she began to build up her confidence and step away from her comfort zone. Gabrielle or her alternate ego * Gabrielle Storm* knew from that moment forward, she was going to be an all-around artist. Not only is Gabrielle a singer/rapper but she is also known for being a composer, evolving dancer and actress. Gabrielle composes and writes her own material focusing on her reality of life, hardships, trials and tribulations. The combination of this amazing star whose videos have already went viral along with the joining of (Aboizway Music Group) Gabrielle is here to show the world she is the piece the game has been missing.

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